If you're an established company, you've simply got to pay attention to startups. 

It's a consumer revolution, so we have to think: what's next?

Digital disruption is the asteroid of modern enterprise, which happens any time an existing market is shaken up by new technologies.

Digital disruptors will be those who look at the business problems their enterprises seek to solve, and leverage technology to improve the way it's done. 

We at Paralleldevs believe that these Digital Disruptors can benefit from a technology partner that can help them minimize their development costs, reduce their time to market and iterate, come together as partners to remain agile in the face of change and be able to survive--even thrive--while others go extinct. 

If your startup has already been through an incubator, and your  seed capital is limited, it is very common to tap into wealthy individuals for a loan that is convertible to preferred stock, so you end up tight to this individual that may or may not bring “extras” to the table.

So why not bring investors who also offer value such as top notch technology and marketing assistance.

Are you ready to Grow and disrupt the market? Let’s talk.