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Digital Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

We combine our marketing knowledge, advanced technologies, tons of data, and creativity to help your brand grow, obtaining the perfect mix between paid and organic strategies.

Digital Marketing for Mobile apps

With experience working with clients from the United States and Canada looking to improve their North American presence; as well as clients trying to find their way in the Latin American market. We understand the needs and differences of the audiences and create unique strategies based on our knowledge and insights of both of the markets.

Our marketing experts specialize in: app marketing, ASO optimization, SEO, user acquisition, user retention, and network management. We develop a unique marketing strategy for each product.

Smarter Targeting

Every good campaign starts with finding the right users focusing on targeting audiences likely to be high-intent users means improvements across KPIs.
We can strengthen your targeting capabilities by implementing smart audience segmentation and creating seed audiences.

Content is our North

New viral content and unique SEO writing will help you gain positive mentions and links, improving your brand presence. We’ll help you maximize your reach and conversion with a strong content marketing strategy that attracts high-quality organic traffic.
Based on our in-house keyword research and competitor analysis, we create a winning content strategy for your website, focusing on quality content without keyword stuffing.
We take care of finding the perfect keywords for different audiences and languages, many times a word can have different meanings in the same language so we make sure it is the right one for both the content strategy and the app store optimization. This is where our insight on the Latin American market comes in handy, giving you the best options for keywords, by translating your campaign intent from the English language to Spanish in the right way.
Stop paying for people to use google translation for your campaigns, our company will get you the benefits of native speaker knowledge.

Improving your SEO for optimal visibility

To reach the audience that is looking for what you have to offer and improve your brand’s visibility on search platforms, we’ll implement an SEO strategy. We will perform an analysis of your site, as well as of the competencies, to evaluate your foundation and ensure that it is solid. Once the analysis is done, we will draw up a plan to improve your ranking in search engines.
SEO must be seen as a long-term plan with a growth-oriented approach.


Mobile App Marketing

Mobile application marketing is essential to get your mobile app visible to your targeted audience and in the app stores*.
To get a whole mobile app marketing strategy we concentrate our efforts on three main components, ASO optimization, user acquisition strategy or UA, and user retention strategy UR.

Search and Conversion
Improve your app store rankings and gain organic app installs. ASO optimization covers everything your app page needs, from finding the right keyword for your app to attracting high-value users.
We identify the opportunities for our clients with in-depth analysis of the product and audience so we can create the perfect action plan to optimize your position in the app stores. From creating the perfect description to designing the perfect visuals to get the attention of your targeted audience.
The App Store Optimization is an ongoing effort, constantly improving your app page with a precise optimization strategy.
User Acquisition raises brand awareness and directs more users to your app. Our UA strategies drive higher returns of inversion and grow user engagement.
User Acquisition services include content and creative production, audience segmentation, and advanced reporting. Our team optimizes your campaign with data-driven marketing, creative thinking, constant testing, and extensive analysis.
Achieve top campaign performance through our proven UA strategies, and experience managing large-budget campaigns.


Keeping users interested

User retention strategies are a budget saver, we make sure to maintain all users interested in your product, the success of a UR strategy aims to ensure users are gaining value from the product every step of the way.
With product usage analytics guiding the way, our marketing team is proactively improving user lifetime value and retention by focusing on these metrics and the underlying causes.
We make sure you are getting the most out of your campaigns by implementing the best tactics to maximize ROI. Optimize for post-install events including registrations, subscriptions, and more, hitting your audience with engaging creatives to get a better CPA.
Keeping you up to date with in-depth performance reports and analysis, allows us to spot trends, identify opportunities and make assertive decisions.

We combine all our expertise with the newest trends and marketing techniques to fuel your growth, we find the right keywords, placements, and audiences for your digital products.



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