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Build front-­‐end applications following coding standards.   Assists in defining software architectures - collaborates with leads to explore existing frameworks, determines areas of complexity, potential risks to successful implementation.   Communicates continually with project team (leads, front-­‐end and back-­‐end developers, project manager, release manager).  

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Drupal Developer

We are looking to hire intermediate to senior level Drupal engineers. You need to have Drupal experience, but compatibility with team culture and attitude towards learning and improvement come paramount to incoming expert knowledge. You will often interface directly with our clients. The position will require proficiency in English and in most aspects of Drupal development, and often how other systems interact with Drupal. You will have a voice in the kind of work that will grow your skills and be rewarding, and we will do what we can to meet your preferences.

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PHP Web Developer

The successful applicant will have experience building, deploying and maintaining websites, and be well-versed in customising functionality with PHP and Javascript code, with a good understanding of HTML and CSS. Experience in building web services and developing communication between PHP CMS systems and other platforms would be an advantage. Applicant should know PHP, MySQL, JavaScript frameworks (e.g. jQuery). Should have experience with SSH, Unix, and the Command Line.  Experience with Drupal or other open source CMSs/communities gets you an interview inmediately.

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