ParallelDevs Ranked Among the Best Costa Rican Web Developers

San Jose, Costa Rica, is becoming one of the largest tech hubs in Latin America, and more than 800 tech companies call the city home, making it the “Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

ParallelDevs is thrilled that Clutch, a leading B2B review platform, has ranked us among the top five web developers in Costa Rica with a 4.9-star average rating. We offer web and mobile app development, including specialized Drupal development.

We recently created a Drupal website for ADNCuba, a digital media company. We incorporated media such as photos and documentaries, and we took measures to ensure maximum accessibility for the platform in Cuba.

Everything has gone well and ParallelDevs has adapted to our needs

We beat our client’s expectations in improving the platform’s visibility and demonstrating its content to users.

Another successful partnership involved Last Promises Charity, a nonprofit platform for youth sports. We developed a web application in Drupal and Pentium with a plan for eventual mobile expansion.

The coding is excellent and their project management is great

Our customer was pleased with the quality of the deliverables and the intuitive design. We take pride in offering efficient and responsive project management, which is one part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re so thrilled with the positive reviews we’ve received on Clutch–our own chief metric of success is the happiness of our clients.

"For the ParallelDevs team, the success of a project is measured by the level of satisfaction of our customers with the product delivered. We work hard to meet each of the objectives planned at the beginning of each development. We take feedback from our customers very seriously and highly appreciate that they take time to do so." – Alain Martinez, Co-Founder & Lead Managing Partner

Potential customers should consider the buyer's journey chronicled in The Manifest, which ranks us as one of the top web development companies in Latin America. Our projects have also been featured on Visual Objects, a graphical platform that demonstrates the quality we deliver to our customers.


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