ParallelDevs at Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2022

ParallelDevs' developers in Drupal Camp Costa Rica
ParallelDevs' developers: Jansey Garita, Lester Barahona, Wendy Martínez, Sofía Sánchez, Jessy Roblero, Deykel Mendez

One of the great advantages of Drupal is that it has a large community worldwide, and the community in Costa Rica is fairly large, a community to which people go to solve queries, provide knowledge, and even find new talent. 

Thanks to this community every year different meet-ups take place and the most important for all of us who are involved with this CMS or Content Management System, is Drupal Camp Costa Rica, it took place this past weekend (Friday 18 and Saturday, November 19) being the eleventh edition of this event, at the Caribbean headquarters of the UCR. 

This time a different format was presented with the main objective that students and developers with little experience with this CMS could get more involved with Drupal, so instead of several talks, three introductory workshops were held simultaneously. 

Our participation was through our Certified Drupal developers or Drupaleros, Jansey Garita and Lester Barahona, with the support of our Quality Assurance Specialist Andrea Alfaro, and Junior developers: Jessy Roblero, Sofia Sanchez, Wendy Martinez, and Deykel Mendez; who were in charge of conducting the Workshop Introduction to Drupal: everything you need to know to get started with Drupal 9, using as a case study a job portal. This workshop was held in two parts starting on Friday 18 at 8 am and continuing on Saturday 19 until noon.

For us who are Drupaleros at heart it was really important to be present at this camp because apart from being very active in the community, we consider it a perfect opportunity to expose all the benefits of Drupal and also to demonstrate that with this content management software you can do much more than just web pages.

We are happy with the attendance that we had, more and more people are interested in learning about Drupal and specialize in making digital solutions with this CMS.