Simon Data Mock-up


Simon Data is a customer data platform that empowers brands to deliver data-driven, personalized customer experiences and enables marketers to develop meaningful strategies.

In need to build a new website as part of a broader company rebranding project, they approached us, looking to develop a WordPress CMS to communicate the new company brand, but also it would be the center of lead generation strategy, so the design had to be interactive, with animated graphics and integrated with their CRM system.

It was a big project, even though the design process was already in place and our main task was the development of the site we had to work against a tight timeline.

After reviewing the design and site mock-up in Adobe XD, it was clear it wasn’t a typical WordPress project, it required certain levels of complexity, mega menu, and sticky card, resulting in the use of thirteen templates and eighteen pages to build, also it needed third-party integrations such as Salesforce, a chatbot (drift), and Google Tag Manager Event Integration. The team consisted of 3 developers handling different aspects of the project, such as CMS development and animation development, our project management, and QA.

In addition to third-party integrations, it also was required to implement animations, for this we used GreenSock Library.


Simon Data Animated Graphic

The result was a pixel-perfect implementation of the design that had been requested, functional and responsive site according to the client’s expectations, the new site features product pages, information about the company, and a blog page with downloadable content. 

The site’s interactive animation, asynchronous filtering on content in the blog page, and the integration between web forms and the CRM have resulted in more inbound leads and a better user experience.


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