Drupal E-commerce Retail Solution Enhancements & New Payment Methods Implementation


A well known retail and online company in the eastern United States uses Drupal as their tool of preferences for their online commerce platform.  They have a trusted digital agency who has been there for them since day one of their rise to the top of the online brands.

The success of both, meant more work for both. Hence the growth and success of the digital agency had them dealing with the need of finding the right talent to keep on offering the top quality services they have been offering to their long term partner and client, and, their new clients.

Facing the same problems that currently most digital agencies in the US face when trying to find talent, they decided it was time for them to look for Nearshore staffing company to help.

After hours of research, meetings and interviews they decided that our company had the people with the Drupal expertise, the project experience, attitude and the ability to ramp up or down to adjust to their needs.


Once our staff got acquainted with the project, they joined the team in charge of implementing new features and got their hands involved in tasks such us:

  • Wishlist implementation ( for both anonymous and registered users )
  • Data update and maintenance for all store products
  • New payment methods Implementation ( Braintree, credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, Venmo, among others)
  • Riskified integration
  • Affirm Integration
  • Rackspace to cloudinary migration