Software Outsourcing and Top Nearshore Development Talent in LATAM

Is your company reviewing tasks, goals, priorities and budgets due to the world Pandemic? Find out why Nearshore software development is your solution!

Giving the rise of stellar performers in the software space, thousands of companies around the globe are making the transition of outsourcing their software development from offshore developers to nearshore models and for good reasons too. 
Having explored offshore developers in Russia, India, Lithuania, Ukraine and other popular hubs, companies abroad are now looking for something different. To this end, they are beginning to outsource their software development projects to nearshore software development companies in Latin America, particularly in Costa Rica. And this because this region has fast become a hotbed for some of the best software development companies. 

Why nearshoring?

Nearshoring is the best of both worlds, offering affordable costs as well as overlapping working hours to collaborate in real-time. Nearshore software development companies offer agile teams as a solution to scale projects and allocate resources because of lower labor costs.
Nearshoring comes with a lot of benefits companies wouldn’t want to pass on. Read on to find out
Why are US companies taking advantage of the benefits of leveraging nearshore software development companies? 

Geographical proximity

Nearshore locations offer the potential for regular on-site visits, as well as easily coordinating video calls within the same time zone. This non-stop flight option is also a plus for companies who want a hands-on approach. Most times, the distance between your company and a nearshore development market is covered by direct line, in the case of Latin America, Costa Rica may be a great example as it is located within a non-stop flight of most major U.S. cities. 

Limited or no time zone difference

Partnering with a nearshore software development company in the same or nearest time zone helps outsourcing companies to maximize the time they can spend on efficient communication all through the day. 
Developers, Project Managers, Designers or development teams in Latin America specifically Costa Rica, can give you up to 8 hours of overlap with the U.S., a 8-hour window for effective communication, during which you can take your time to answer all questions related to your project, or may come in handy for maintenance and support projects, which is significantly different than Eastern Europe (with 3-5 hours of overlap) and Asia (with 0 hours of overlap).

Affordable and accessible cost

One of the biggest benefits of doing business with nearshore development companies is that it ’s cost-saving. Without mincing words, effective and instant communication with nearshore developers saves big on a budget. Compared to offshore outsourcing where developers lose paid time waiting for your feedback, research, task management or where they have to work on your project all over again after you notice a problem. 
On average, the rate for a developer, project manager, QA specialist or UX/UI user experience specialist can range from $25/hr - $50/hr+ depending on the programming skills, languages and seniority. 

Cultural and language similarities

Cultural and language similarities play a significant role in nearshore software outsourcing. It not only simplifies the process, but it also speeds up development as you and your preferred nearshore developers are on the same page. 
Likewise, when you share a similar culture, you’ll have compatibility when it comes to high expectations for deadlines and quality. The Costa Rican workforce has been exposed for quite some time to the competitiveness of the US market, therefore, acquiring new skills and staying on top of the latest trends in tech is already part of the tech scene.

Compensation of staff shortages

Looking for the best options to augment your team in the event of staff shortage? You’ll not go wrong to leverage nearshore software development companies. This blend of stellar performers are very used to project-based work and are more than ready to dive into a new project while meeting every quality standard put in place. 
Whether you do staff augmentation nearshore or offshore, the process may be a lot easier, if you share the same language or have cultural similarity with the information outsourcing technology company you are doing business with. 

Why is Costa Rica leading the pack in software development?

While a lot of people may not have heard about Costa Rica as a hotspot when it comes to software development, the country has been on a steady rise in all sectors. From a robust human capital base to top-notch educational systems to innovative skills and solid English skills, Costa Rica is performing quite impressively on all fronts and has now become a big player in nearshore software development services. 
For companies that are on the lookout for a tech hub for top development talents, Costa Rica offers the best talents you’ll ever come across. Let’s look at the reasons why Costa Rica is becoming a top destination for nearshore software development outsourcing. 

Developers by numbers

Costa-Rica may not come close to other big Latin American countries in terms of population. Still, when it comes to software developers, the country has one of the finest talents you’ll ever come across. With 23k plus software developers, the country has the best crop of talents that will deliver on your next project.  Their software developers are considered some of the best talents worldwide. In terms of Human Capital performance, Costa Rica is Ranked number one in all of Latin America according to the World Economic Forum

Programing Skills Ranking

Costa Rica has grown to the point where it can go head to head with some of the best programmers across the globe. When it comes to programming skills, statistics from Coursera shows that Costa Rica comes second in Latin America and 27th worldwide.  

Popular tech education destination

Costa Rica has earned a solid reputation for imparting quality education. And based on stats from the world economic forum, the country received the highest score for its unrivaled educational systems in all of Latin America. In the area of engineering, the country is churning out some of the best performers. The country graduates nearly 4,000 engineers every year. In a bid to take things up a notch, the country is expanding its tech resources by partnering with countries around the world. In line with this, the Texas Tech University opened a campus in Costa Rica as part of that partnership.  

English skills rankings

Costa Rica has the top English skills in Latin America, currently, Costa Rica ranks #1 in the TOEIC and TOEFL IBT rankings.

Costa Rica and software development
Costa Rica is #1 in Latin America when it comes to the quality of human capital, educational system, innovative business, and English skills.
Costa Rica has some of the best talents to handle your software development projects from UX/ UI user experience designers, CMS specialists ( Drupal and Wordpress) , mobile app developers, to information technology outsourcing and more.
Thanks to this blend of stellar performers, Costa Rica has now become the tech hub for both startups and big players. Today, Costa Rica has become the home to over 20 Fortune 100 companies as well as 250 multinationals. 
With companies like HP, Intel, NBC, IBM and more doing business in Costa Rica, now is the best time to outsource your Software development projects to some of the best nearshore companies you’ll ever come across. 

Why ParallelDevs ?

With over a decade of experience in nearshore software development and information technology outsourcing, ParallelDevs offers excellent programming skills, world-class user experience UX / UI design, ideal cultural compatibility and a time zone coverage that makes you feel like working with a stateside partner. 
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In light of recent events involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, most companies are reviewing their tasks, goals, priorities and budgets. That’s why today; more than ever, we live in a world where companies need to learn to evolve, as the world changes day by day, and those businesses that want to prevail must be adaptive and agile and change.
Are you ready to adapt, reach your technology goals while you take advantage of the benefits of nearshoring? 
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