How to Hide Your WordPress Version Number for Enhanced Security

Hiding your WordPress version number is a crucial step in securing your website from potential vulnerabilities. Employing a "secure by obscurity" approach can add an extra layer of defense against targeted attacks. Here’s how to manually remove the WordPress version number and why it's important for your site's security.

Why Showing the WordPress Version Number Is a Security Risk

Displaying the WordPress version number publicly can pose a significant security risk to your website. Hackers often exploit known vulnerabilities associated with specific versions of WordPress. By identifying the version your site is running, attackers can tailor their methods to exploit these vulnerabilities, increasing the likelihood of a successful attack. Removing or hiding the WordPress version number makes it more challenging for hackers to discern which vulnerabilities your site might be exposed to, thereby reducing the risk of targeted attacks.

How Hackers Can Know Your Version Number

Hackers can determine your WordPress version number through several methods:

1. Generator Meta Tag: By default, WordPress includes a meta tag in your site’s header that reveals the version number.


<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 6.4.3">


2. RSS Feeds: The version number is also included in the RSS feeds of your website.

3. Scripts and Styles: Version numbers appended to the URLs of WordPress scripts and styles can also give away your site’s WordPress version.

Understanding these methods can help you take comprehensive steps to obscure your WordPress version from potential attackers.

How to Hide WordPress Version Number Manually

Editing Generator Meta Tag

For those with coding knowledge, manually removing the WordPress version number from the generator meta tag is straightforward:

1. Access Your Theme Directory: Navigate to `/wp-content/themes/` in your WordPress installation.
2. Edit functions.php: Add the following line of code at the bottom of your active theme’s `functions.php` file:

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

This code snippet removes the version number from the head section of your WordPress site, effectively obscuring it from the public and potential hackers.

Recommended WordPress Plugins to Do the Same

For users who prefer not to edit theme files directly or seek more comprehensive solutions, several WordPress plugins can help hide your version number along with other common WordPress identifiers:

1. WP Hide & Security Enhancer: This plugin offers a broad range of features to obscure various WordPress elements, including the version number.
2. Hide My WP Ghost: Known for its user-friendly interface, Hide My WP Ghost can remove or change the WordPress version number, among other security enhancements.
3. All In One WP Security & Firewall: A comprehensive security plugin that includes an option to remove the WordPress version number from the header and feeds, adding an extra layer of security to your site.

Using these plugins can simplify the process of hiding your WordPress version number and bolster your website's defense against targeted attacks.


Hiding your WordPress version number is a simple yet effective security measure that can protect your site from being an easy target for hackers. Whether you choose to manually edit your theme’s files or use a plugin, taking this step is part of a broader strategy to secure your WordPress site. For additional security measures and best practices, refer to the article "Secure Your WordPress: Best Practices for a Robust Online Presence." Together, these strategies provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring a safer WordPress experience.