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PHP Web Developer

PHP Web Developer

The successful applicant will have experience building, deploying and maintaining websites, and be well-versed in customising functionality with PHP and Javascript code, with a good understanding of HTML and CSS. Experience in building web services and developing communication between PHP CMS systems and other platforms would be an advantage.

Applicant should know PHP, MySQL, JavaScript frameworks (e.g. jQuery). Should have experience with SSH, Unix, and the Command Line.  Experience with Drupal or other open source CMSs/communities gets you an interview inmediately.



- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience)
- 2+years with client-side technologies
- Technically implement site designs using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS/SCSS/Compass, JavaScript (OOP), JQuery, XML, JSON and all other forms of client-side development
- Experience with responsive design implementation.
- Resolve cross-browser, cross-platforms bugs.
- Experience with SVN/GIT and branching models, merging, resolving conflicts
- Familiar with Bash/Terminal usage
- Working knowledge of MySQL
- Work with both creative and technical teams to identify and solve site construction issues
- Perform unit testing of front-end technical solutions and experience using debugging tools like Firebug, Web Developer tools, etc.
- Experience with website performance optimization techniques
- Experience with task/bug tracking systems (i.e. JIRA)
- Experience with IDEs - specifically Sublime, PHPStorm, NETbeans
- Experience with Apache 2.x and setting up local environment for development.
- Experience with PHP.


- Experience with CMS like Drupal and Wordpress.
- Experience using RequireJS and/or other JS module techniques
- Experience with software development methodologies as Agile, Scrum, etc


- Demonstrated problem solving abilities.
- Strong organizational skills, structured thinking and development methodology
- MUST have high debugging skills
- MUST be a self-starter, motivated and willing to learn new technologies
- Good English level
- Strong verbal, written, and organizational skills
- Keep to deadlines